Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elegant Steerage

We've replaced the stand-in steering arms (handlebars) with new much more elegant handles more fitting of a Steampunk theme. I did like the ratty old handles though. We'll have to use theme in some other project. Here's before and after photos.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So we tested the new bike rack with a decent load, stuffing the packs with random oddments in the basement workshop. The trike gets a little tipsy with a decent load the likes of which one might take on a long tour or camping trip. It's unyieldy in the way most anything loaded down for such a trip would be. So it's not unusually bad but I gotta slow down a bit and take corners carefully. A parking brake (rubberband or bungie cord wrapped around the brake lever) becomes necessary. Check out the lantern tail light.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We've installed our rear luggage rack of choice, pretty much the only rear rack on the market made for suspension bikes, the Axiom Odyssee. The flat black is acceptable, but I could also make it look like wrought iron.

Previously we had a long horizontal tube extended from behind the seat to over the rear wheel. The original intent was for a pillion seat to be mounted there but we've since abandoned the idea (a second time). The tube is shortened now to make room for the rear rack, and has about an inch of space between it and the rack. Being a suspended rear triangle, it needs room to flex. Nonetheless we could probably put together a moving connection of some sort between the rack and the tube. We could also just chop it completely off as it has become superfluous.

So what I'd like opinions on is do we keep the now shortened tube? Is it aesthetically better with or without it? The pillion seat we decided couldn't be made safe without redesigning the frame, and it just didn't look right hanging over both sides of the single bar. Now that the pillion seat is out and anything I should need to transport will be on the rear rack itself, might the tube be re-purposed?

Maybe I could put a helmet hook there, or a giant deathray mounted above my head, aimed where I look. Jacob's ladder perhaps? The FCC would love that.

Opinions welcome.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brass, Part Deux

Here are some photographs of the various brass bits in the running for inclusion on the trike:

Friday, April 11, 2008


One simply cannot have Steampunk without a bit of wood somewhere now can one? I've admired the wood fenders of one Mister Cody Davis for some time now, and they seemed the perfect way to include an elegant touch of wood to the Steampunk tadpole trike project.

With encouragement from Mister Jake Von Slatt we've decided to try adding coach lamps to the trike as well. Small things they are not. But they may be just that slightly gonzo something extra to really bring the project together. The one pictured was converted to electrical use by a previous owner. We will of course undo that bit of business.

Wood Indeed.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tailgaters Beware

Courtesy Freakbike Militia

Yes, we're still working on the trike. There are things to consider. Weighty things!