Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We rode a bit this past weekend on a proper trail instead of our usual testing grounds. The Brass Lion had a flat at one point ( I suspect a pinch flat with the front tires being only 35 psi), but that afforded an opportunity to get some experience fixing a flat on a 7 foot 7 inch 60 pound trike. We received many offers of help though we didn't need it. The local bike club patrols the trail with zeal, which makes a geezer very happy indeed.

Average speed was 10 miles per hour. Eight mph uphill, and I topped out somewhere over 17 miles per hour (the person with the gps was going 17 mph and fell behind me).
Not exactly record shattering but I'll take it. Ten miles per hour is pretty much where I want to be on a relaxing jaunt through deer country (or is it hawk country? We saw about a dozen).

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