Monday, March 24, 2008

Seeing The Light

We've been working on a new drive train, and now the trike has a new front derailleur, shiny new chain, and as depicted in the photo a sprocket off a bmx bike for drive side chain management.

We rode for about three hours on what was a picture perfect Easter Sunday. Forty-nine degrees and pure sun. We had worked up a new chain guard for the sprocket much like the chain guard for the old pulley. But it would move and the chain grind against it after awhile. So there's still work to be done there. The trike rides fine without a chain guard, it's just that on some lateral bounces in grass or on rough terrain the chain tends to come off the sprocket making it necessary to stop and reset it. We also added on some new wider pedals, and at night we decided to go for a second ride with the help of new LED headlights we acquired figuring on stuffing the electronic innards and lights into old bicycle lamps. Below there is a short video featuring the bike lights at night.

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