Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Tadpole Trike Takes Shape

Alrighty! Lots of welding goes on behind the scene not documented here. You see the UV light welding gives off makes it impossible to photograph without risking your camera (UV from arc welding can actually give you a tan and ruin your eyes, kids).

But here we see the seat bar and a support beam welded into place. We had the wacky idea to add a pillion seat to the design, hence the support beam. It is otherwise unnecessary. The suspension attaches to the beam with a couple of welded on tabs.
Gaze upon the awful beauty of our welds and tremble, mere mortal! Did I mention we only took up welding for this project?

The steering is finished, and even a few welds cleaned up.

Here's a close up of one of the brake arms. Caliper brakes will attach to the arm behind the wheel.

The trike has really taken shape, and I've devoted considerable time to what the finished design will look like. I'm not quite happy yet with the design in my minds eye. We've ordered a few parts and such and begun testing paints. But more about that later.

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