Friday, March 14, 2008

To Wit: Steampunk

No, this is not another attempt to define Steampunk. You may find such scholarly work elsewhere should you wish it.

Now that our tadpole trike is mechanically all but finished I must begin in earnest to define how it may be transformed into a Victorian Lady of some refinement. I allow myself some conceit there- it will never be a Fine Lady. But it may through diligent work and divine temperance become at least a daring middle class adventure seeker!

With apologies for the distress it may cause, I must inform you the trike may not be photographed for a time. Know that the hours spent debating its character will only sweeten the debut of what can only be a technological and artistic marvel for our time.

There are matters to discuss. Which seat is best, button upholstery or Victorian print? Is it acceptable to mention spray paint in polite society? Will I ever win an ebay auction for an authentic brass bicycle lamp? How much brass can be fitted to the trike anyway and still maintain a constant speed of three miles per hour? How much choice is available for white bicycle tyres? Which law governs steam driven vehicles on bicycle paths- bicycle, moped, motorcycle or automobile law? How can I work in some vacuum tubes, and is my horn too big?

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